QBTS Closing Ceremony

8 September 2022

The closing ceremony of the 8th edition of the QBTS campaign took place this Saturday, October 30, 2021 at the Palais des Congrès in Yaoundé.

Respecting the commitment made 8 years ago to reward the essential players in the education sector, namely teachers and educators in Cameroon, the Union Camerounaise de Brasseries UCB by the brand KADJI BEER®️ was accompanied by the General Insurance of the Cameroon (AGC) and the Fu’a Toula Kadji Defosso foundation. The support of the Ministry of Secondary Education was once again essential to do this, and its representatives were keen to say once again to these men and women in education: “Our heritage is you! “By offering 65 laptops to the best teachers in schools voted for by parents of students during the” Quality Back To School “campaign.

During the ceremony, a prize pool of FCFA 18 million was awarded to teachers from the 13 best schools according to the performance of the 2020-2021 school year. For the occasion, a special category dedicated to teachers from the North-West, Extreme-North and South-West localities has been created; 5 laptops were made available to them, for a great moment of joy and emotion.


In the “Best Baccalaureate Establishments” category with an enrollment of between 300 and 699 students, COLLEGE JEAN TABI, COLLEGE ST BENOIT, CETIF BEGNIGNA, respectively benefit from amounts of 2 million, 1 million 500 thousand and 1 million Francs. The COLLEGE FRANCOIS-XAVIER VOGT, the COLLEGE DE LA RETRAITE and the COLLEGE LA CONQUETE, laureates in the category “Best Baccalaureate Establishments with more than 700 students” win 2 million, 1 million 500 thousand and 1 million Francs each. The winners of the “Best Progressions to the Bac” category between the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years come away with an envelope of 4,500,000 CFA Francs. These are LYCEE TECHNIQUE DE YAGOUA, LYCEE BILINGUE DE NJOMBE and LYCEE TECHNIQUE KPOKOLOTA in Bertoua.

Best Baccalaureate Establishments with more than 700 students.

The first, second, third and fourth in the category “Best Establishments for Technical Education Baccalaureate” are the BILINGUAL TECHNICAL LYCEE OF NKOLBISON, the BILINGUAL TECHNICAL INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL LYCEE, the BANENGO TECHNICAL LYCEE and the EDEA TECHNICAL LYCEE. , for their part, share an envelope in the amount of 4,500,000 CFA Francs.

As in every edition, the 10 best principals for the 2020-2021 academic year will also benefit from 12-month auto insurance for their vehicles or those of their relatives. These insurances will be generously made available by another company of the Kadji group, the General Insurance of Cameroon (AGC).

The appointment was made next year for a new edition with as much enthusiasm for this concept which is being emulated in Cameroon, to highlight those responsible for future generations. The preservation of our heritage, of our children, comes at this price.

Kadji Beer’s patriotic streak justifies his involvement in supporting consumer parents during the start of the school year. As such, the QBTS campaign to date has offered more than 20,000 school kits to consumer parents worth around 200,000,000 CFA francs. Kits made up of supplies meeting the immediate needs of the pupils, namely 1 schoolbag, 10 notebooks, 5 pens, 1 water bottle, 3 rulers and a kit are also made available during each campaign. “Quality Back To School” is also more than 50,000,000 CFA francs in scholarships offered in cash to parents and consumers over the age of 21. For ever greater proximity with lovers of the brand and lovers of Cameroon.

Kadji Beer. Our Heritage is You.

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