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UCB is a socially responsible and modern company that has grown over the years since its inception in 1972. This is mainly thanks to the human aspect of our company, which could not be more talented and competent.

A brewing company certified ISO 9001-2015, we advocate objectivity and integrity in all our recruitment processes.

Only your skills and creativity count as we are a company that is firmly focused on excellence and performance.

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Choosing to join us means committing to promoting teamwork, leadership, and the development of your own skills in order to build a professional career rich in experience.

Our recruitment process is based on a quality approach that guarantees transparency to all our recruits; whether you’re a beginner or experienced applicant.

We deploy all standard recruitment channels to find our”UCB Talents”, i.e. unique, creative and above all benevolent personalities. So, don’t hesitate to join us by applying below for either an existing job, spontaneous application or internship.

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Keep an eye on this section for available positions at UCB.