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  • Type of beer: Blonde
  • Alcohol level: 5%
  • Creation date: 1999
  • Distribution
Large and medium-sized stores
Bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants
  • Conditioning
Barrels: 50L & 30L
Bottles: 33cl
Bottles: 65cl


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 Kadji Beer 

Brewed since 1999, KADJI BEER® is a registered trademark of UCB.


KADJI BEER® is a quality product.

It is a beer intended to delight its target audience, and sufficiently demonstrates the know-how and experience of its promoter.


When we talk about quality beer in Cameroon, we immediately think of KADJI BEER®. It owes its originality to the fact that it is 100% malt (does not contain cereals). This gives it the freshness of its taste, the finesse of its bitterness, its perfect balance, its soft texture, and its dense and impeccable white foam.


" It took a while…" to reach perfection.


One Beer. One Heritage.

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